Sunday, November 9, 2014

Walmart In The News

From October 31st 2011:

Walmart On Rockland

Among the 23 comments there is, as usual, a fair bit of irritation at me, mixed in with misinformation and wrong headed reading of what I wrote. But as it turns out the newspaper wrote a story three days ago on the same subject, with all interviewed parties being very coy about whether or not Walmart really is applying for planning permission for the proposed mall to be built at the former porn shop on Rockland Key, just south of Big Coppitt, at MM9. The sense I get is that Walmart really is working on it, though whether or not they get there remains to be seen.
There are two schools of thought (at least!) on the subject, as far as I can hear. One is the white middle class moneyed approach that I share even though I can't be said to be moneyed, which is that Walmart is bad for workers and the planet and makes for a dismal shopping experience therefore keep them away. Q.E.D.

However the second school of thought which tends to be underwritten by lifelong residents of the Lower Keys is that its about time locals got a chance to shop and save money by having a Walmart closer than Homestead.  And it is possible to empathize with this position. For me its no big deal to drive to Miami but for some people 150 minutes in the car is agony, and driving Highway One is purgatory. 

Because the second group tends to belong to the leadership class in the Conch Republic I suspect that if Walmart wants to set up shop here they will get a swift green light.