Thursday, November 28, 2019

Still Flooded Mangroves

I have seen more dirt lately but these ultra high tides have dragged on far too long.
Rusty makes a splendid reflection model standing up to his ankles in high tide but for me its a matter of wading in Crocs and enjoying wet muddy feet whether I like it or not.
Birds are starting to migrate back to the Keys as winter sets in Up North. You might think a  red flame of a leaf could indicate a new season but Fall comes and goes around here with not much change in color, and only a  slight drop in temperature.
Winter is supposed to blow clouds away and they are supposed to be replaced by blue skies but this winter the heavy rain clouds are holding on giving color and texture to the skies.
With darkness falling around six o'clock in the evening thunderheads just make everything that much darker that much sooner.

A few clouds do make things more interesting overhead!