Sunday, August 29, 2021

Caroline Street

I haven't been downtown lately, it's hot, Covid is in the air and I don't find the empty store fronts and for rent signs energizing.
I let Rusty lead the way after I parked the car, just before five in the morning. Amazingly enough there was a man striding along with loaded shopping bags in each hand, just visibile below to the right. 
I don't know much about the red shuttered building above but I used to work across the street in a  warehouse and I listened every day when the Conch Train came by but I cannot for the life of me remember what the story was. I know they didn't point out the historic building's history as a bordello. 
I don't really know how to differentiate between vaccinated and not so I suppose it's the honor system. I get the feeling, purely subjective, that most masked people are also vaccinated. I don't pretend to understand anything anymore about my neighbors. For a populace so scared of death most people won't mention it by name the refusal to use free available vaccines strikes me as bizarre.
My wife and I hope to spend time in tropical South America if things work out, and that is not at all certain these days. On the off chance borders re-open in our life times, we are arranging the usual tropical vaccinations and boosters and I've never really given them much thought. I was inoculated against yellow fever forty four years ago and I still have a "vaccine passport" issued by the World Health Organization. In Africa you used to show and may still for all I know, the little yellow booklet with your passport. And you felt privileged to be inoculated against a  killer disease. Nowadays I live in a  different world and I am having trouble adjusting.
All my life I have been privileged, well fed housed employed and inoculated. Even when I got knocked down on my motorcycle I got fabulous medical care. If I were in that situation today I have a powerful feeling I would not survive with the crush of demands on the medical professionals today. My nurses were heroes as I lay in bed unable to do the least thing for myself. I cannot stand the thought of what they are being put through today.
Rusty knows privilege when he sees it. He no longer has to scrounge prey to kill and eat bloody and raw. I can tell you he doesn't enjoy it. He gets kibbles and roast chicken and when he comes across discarded human food he looks at it and walks away, never mind roadkill which he ignores.  He is also inoculated against rabies and all those other diseases. Maybe some opponents of vaccination want rabies back in the general dog population? I haven't seen anyone die of rabies but I am told it is horrible torture. Yet, here we are, walking alone at night to avoid people, wearing a mask at my desk all day and wondering why anyone would want to drive us back to the Middle Ages. I have no answer. Maybe the Taliban has?