Sunday, January 19, 2020

West Summerland Key

I had a meditative walk near the Old Bahia Honda Bridge last week. It was the evening of my day off which is a circumstance that pushes me to take Rusty to this area in hopes of a spectacular sunset to end the day.
I come here a lot so I was looking for different views and because I was thinking too much as I usually do, I was moved to consider the damage caused by Hurricane Irma in September 2017.
Furthermore I wanted to find beauty in desolation. I still haven't got over the wholesale destruction of green trees and shrubbery that used to provide shade and the atmosphere of a park miles from anywhere.  
The wreckage Irma caused to human structures is being repaired, and in many cases has been repaired. In my neighborhood houses are restored, landscaping is flourishing and streets are long since clear of trash. Indeed the reconstitution of the new bridge's buttress is coming along nicely:
But Nature's wreckage lays around, a stark reminder of what happened:
Rusty ran alongside me ahead and around and that sort of activity catches the occasional burr. Usually he gets them out before I can get there:
 Nature's Art:
Sunset fishing, protected by the reef from the east wind, nowhere to be, nowhere to go if he doesn't want to.
 It's green at ground level now and a few trees are coming back:
Good night Mrs Calabash, wherever you are.