Sunday, July 4, 2021

The Glorious 4th

I just can't make up my mind if  we should be at least slightly reverential or does anything go when it comes to national holidays?
I like Thanksgiving best of all, a holiday packed with wholesome emotion, surrounded by raw commerce and loaded with historical debate for sure, but the holiday itself is nothing more complicated than food family and friends which makes it the perfect secular celebration.

The Glorious Fourth of July comes a close second for me, as no one can argue with barbecue and picnics as a form of public celebration. More importantly for me, the holiday marks the creation of a unique form of government which yes, has had its ups and downs over the centuries but remains an ideal sometimes more elusive than others. I like the Fourth for its history and the hope that it embodies. I'm not fond of the cheap commercialism and my dog hates the fireworks which make this a difficult holiday to enjoy properly. He stays in bed and ignores the world, from which I try to shield him.
Gratuitous Rusty picture from happier days at the beach. 
Happy Fourth of July.