Monday, November 22, 2010

More Old Key West

Don't you love wordy notices that, reduced to their bare essentials say: please be well behaved. Which if they were going to be well behaved would mean they would need no sign to remind them how to behave.I was so astonished when the puppy pictured above rolled on his back in act of submission to a bleary Cheyenne I forgot to take his picture until he had moved on half a block. Cheyenne spent a good twenty minutes grazing around the base of a kapok tree at the Old Harris School on Southard Street. The school was in the running to become a cultural and art center through the Rodel Foundation, which never happened and the place is now supposedly going to become office space for rent.I'm not sure this next picture worked as well as I intended but I liked the silhouette riding past Mangia Mangia.This is a spiky palm which is about as botanical as I can get. There are tons of these around and I really like how they look.
Classic old Key West, a small house on rocky supports, wooden shutters and door. Welcome to the almost-Caribbean.
This lady shuffled by carrying her dog, Francisco, who as far as I could tell was a year old and recently orphaned and came into his owner's life as a replacement for her much lamented and recently deceased dachshund.
When a safe distance from the fearsome Cheyenne she put Francisco down and they resumed their conventional perambulation. It's that time of year when you can sit in your car with the door open and you don't need to button it up tight and crank the air. That rates this is the pleasant time of year.I was sitting next to Cheyenne and looking across the street I saw this odd play of light and shadow.It was a balcony at the island House seen below in it's context.
This old decoration for the rest Fantasy fest was lurking in Fast Buck Freddie's warehouse, where Cheyenne took her second pause of the walk.Endless downtown roadworks to install storm drain improvements, they say.
I have omitted to photograph this mural which was completed some time ago. Now my omission is rectified.
I have been on a con leche diet for some time and I miss the coffee and cheese bread fix. I'm thinking it's been a while since I photographed a Cuban meal (or snack) for the blog. For the blog of course I might have to yield to temptation. Old Key West on James street, still hanging in there.Sometimes there are slow dogs as well on James Street.
And slow bicycles on Olivia Street
And they weren't in a hurry, but they did eventually pull over for me.
I hung back and was very patient and polite, as one should be. Looking below I am very fond of unintentional irony. Especially from Realtors who would sell their grandmothers if you believe their advertising. The newspaper said yestersay that home sales in Key west are as low and as slow as they have ever been. I think sellers need a reality fix if they think homes will sell for as much as they did four years ago.
I haven't eaten at the Southard Street Bobalu's though I have enjoyed the odd bit of southern food at the original Bob and Lu's on Big Coppitt Key.

Old Key West? Probably not but it looks kind of old and funky and all outdoorsy.