Thursday, February 5, 2015

No Name Sunshine

Its the time of year when mosquitoes are not in evidence, cold enough to allow a walk without repellent so one might as well take advantage. Cheyenne would not say no:
No Name Key has commercial electricity now, and the anti-Castro Cubans who trained here before the Bay of Pigs are merely a distant memory having left no sign.
I have my own happy memories of walks in the deserted woods here, among the big waxy leaves of the sea grapes:
We found a patch of grass, Cheyenne found a nearby pool of tannic fresh water and I could hear her lapping away in the trees. Then she joined me and we shared a companionable half hour, me reading my phone and she...thinking perhaps.
Its not a sequoia forest or a pine barren but it's far enough off the beaten track that only rarely will you meet someone out here in the back of No Name Key.

The main road, Watson Boulevard now has light poles but it also has Key deer, so when people approach and ask about where to see them I usually send them here. 
No Name Key is best known for the pub by that name that is actually located on Big Pine Key. As recently seen on this page!