Saturday, April 24, 2010

Garden Club

The West Martello Tower at Higgs Beach is home to the Garden Club of Key West. The Bonneville in the foreground is my motorcycle, lest you forget.The garden club used to be a quiet corner doing it's own thing and offering tropical plants for sale once a year at a well attended sale. Nowadays they seem to be casting around in public for support.I dropped a fiver in the donation box and went for a walk. The library in the tower felt like a brick lined reading room at an old English club. My old man was a member of the Athenaeum in London and it felt rather like this, in a very broad sense.
I should have liked to take a seat and read a book, one of those pre-kindle bundles of pulp, but as usual I had no time to linger. Naturally I have no clue what this stuff is though it looked lovely. An orchid perhaps?I have only previously been here for the plant sale, just to get a chance to look around. This place is utterly lovely, and it's not nearly as crowded as Sloppy Joe's Bar.
Beach alert! Higgs Beach outside and quiet wending paths inside.
Beach view: Flower view:This is one of the minor pleasures of small island living, everything close by, creating variety side-by-side.
Beach and Art.
Shady seating inside:
And as small as this place is, it packs a lot inside it's brick walls.
The Martello Towers were built to support Fort Zachary up the coast. The artillerymen at the fort used this Martello for target practice and it is now much more tumbled down than the East Martello out by the airport.From a previous essay: from a previous essay on this martello, this was how I saw West Martello by night: year Sculpture Key West was split into three locations, an idea that didn't do much for me, but I guess everyone wants a piece of the successful show, so one share of the exhibits was on display here:Xeriscaping is the new waterless gardening style though this display was rather uninspiring.
The garden club member who took my donation was proud of the fact that Key West Citizen columnist Mandy Miles got married here and a fine location it would be.
Art or whimsy.
This is a fine place to loiter even though you do so at risk of arrest after hours.
With lots of parking.
I must come back to spend more time here.