Sunday, April 5, 2015

Big Pine Ramble, En Fran├žais

Because I work at night my wife the teacher hands off chores to me that I can carry out during office hours before I saddle up and go to work. It's a terrible burden but my Vespa needs the mileage to put the break in period behind me. I have been cruising between 50 and 55 miles per hour with bursts to 60 so I can keep up with most traffic in the Overseas Highway.

Chores done I went for a ride in the Big Pine back country, five miles north to Port Pine Heights, a housing community that failed to fill out as planned. These impressive gates open on mostly empty overgrown lots.

Nevertheless five miles up Key Deer Boulevard from the highway sewers are being planned just like everywhere else. This 200 million dollar project is designed to get everyone flushing their toilets into modern sewage treatment plants. Some people grumble at the cost and would prefer to keep flushing into nearshore waters...The usual environmental shortsightedness that characterizes higher thinking across the Keys.

I was pursuing a geocache when I came across a colorful van in the parking lot at the Jack Watson Trailhead. I went to see what was up.

They were French and seemed floored by my ability to chat in their mother tongue with them. I asked a few polite questions, got monosyllables in reply and gave up the effort, not without securing a photo for my trouble. I'd like to have known more. Oh well.

I didn't find the geocache but I enjoyed playing with my camera. I'm getting more handy with the iPhone, not without some tantrums and irritation, but overall it works well.

As usual I'm no botanist but I enjoyed the macro function of the phone camera.

Have a good Easter Sunday. May your snowbirds go home tomorrow. It's warm enough to swim now, just about.