Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sugarloaf Key

The sky dive sign (now incorporating the promise of yoga, incongruously enough) on Sugarloaf Key marks the spot where one turns north off the Overseas Highway to view the Bat Tower.
In this instance I wanted to let Cheyenne out on our way to Key West for some tedious chores, and though my original idea was to visit the Bat Tower I stopped short.
There is a canal cut into the rock which has been turned into a "viewing area."
There is an old shed along the short trail though what purpose it serves now one can only guess.
Once upon a time this was a contriversial dolphin facility, as I discovered for my 2010 essay Key West Diary: Go Dolphins.
Not only are the dolphins gone but so is any physical reminder there were ever here.
I wandered around and took random pictures.

To my surprise I was ready to leave before my dog.