Friday, July 13, 2012

Chateau Morrisette Luncheon

Yesterday I showed pictures of Tuggles Gap, a restaurant on the Parkway, but my destination was somewhere else along the road.

The drive down the Parkway is always evocative, with dirt roads crossing, collapsing barns illuminating meadows...

...and an unusually good meal at the end of the scenic drive.

I like the wines at Chateau Morrisette and we decided it was warm enough to indulge in some white, the Vidal Blanc hit the spot lightning fresh and slightly tart. And sold at the table at vineyard prices which was very nice.

Feed green tomatoes a southern dish made famous by the movie and served here crisp and tart like the wine.

It was a lovely day on the deck and everyone was seated outside to take advantage of the views.

Sandra the vegetarian was well served with a mushroom sandwich,

...but I wanted to follow the green tomatoes with something equally southern and Chateau Morrisette's shrimp and grits was delicious. The grits was smooth and creamy, the shrimp tasted fresh.

Autumn did a great job of looking after us for our late lunch, encouraging us to sit and relax as the three o'clock closing deadline came and went.

Crême brûlée finished the meal, and us as we hacked at the crust in turn and sat back enjoying our great good fortune.

Lunch indoors wouldn't be bad necessarily but it was extra delightful on the terrace.

I mean, the meal was superb but we got to eat here:

Chateau Morrisette gets my vote once again.

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