Monday, August 23, 2021

Moose Pit Sandwiches

It is possible that the Moose Lodge may have arrived at the cutting edge of hip food trends, and how they managed that I'm not at all sure. The Moose Pit is at the back of the place, an actual hole in the wall that serves really delicious sandwiches.
It's simple enough, virus proof  outdoor tables, a  barbecue barrel and a counter at the door at the back of the lodge. This is the Moose Pit. They serve Maryland style barbecue, usually beef, called pit barbecue.
I am aware of the barbecue pride that drives people nuts between the Carolinas, tomato versus vinegar and mustard and all that versus Texas versus Kansas and on and on. I've tried them all and I like them all. I'm not just saying that to avoid getting flamed, I like variety so I was curious to come to terms with Baltimore pit beef.
Apparently roadside grills started appearing outside Baltimore in the 1970s and people learned to enjoy thinly sliced beef, crusty on the outside with horseradish on a  Kaiser roll. Their fame was spread by Key West's own Boog Powell who started his baseball career at Key West High and is properly famous for playing for the Baltimore Orioles. Apparently he owns several pit barbecue restaurants there and has made Maryland beef as popular as their more famous crabs. 
My friend Robert said this was a place to try and he was right. I had the giardiniera (above) with pickled vegetables and baked beans while Robert had the Philadelphia a recreation of a cheese steak more or less. They also have delicious Utz chips whgich my wife will be glad to know I turned my back on.
He calls himself Jersey and he makes a mean sandwich. He even had a pork special but we went traditional.  I think I need to get my wife a sample to go. It was good.
Keys Weekly gave them some ink shortly after they opened in March. Sandwich Master LINK.