Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Night On White

 I took a brief tour from the police station on my break and rode the Vespa down to White Street.
 I parked on Eliza in front of the Kingdom Hall of the Jehovah's Witnesses and went for a walk. Looking up Eliza, a play of shadows and light:
A beauty salon tucked away in a beautiful old house:
Messery Painting, one of  a number of useful businesses lining White Street. This is the city's secondary commercial hub, less known to tourists  than Duval but in many respects more useful for real shopping. 
 Mo's used to be owned by a French Canadian now it is Haitian and I need to put it on my radar because it has a reputation for excellent Caribbean food. 
Key West is a weird town, for all that it's small it seems to need two of everything so people don't have to travel "too far" on this four mile long island. So there is a Fausto's Food Palace on White Street in case the one near Duval Street is "too far."

 White Street at one in the morning:

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