Saturday, August 21, 2010

Key West Random

I got back from vacation and with bated breath I was told this Key West icon on White Street had reached the end of the road. Yes indeed, the for rent sign is real. It was a family business of long standing and perhaps exhaustion took it's toll. To me, running a restaurant is one of those thankless tasks that must wear a person down so I am not surprised when change happens in this industry. Stuck in traffic waiting to cross Duval Street it occurred to me that the Fusion needs window tinting.The cool cave on the truck looked inviting in the August heat. The air conditioning sign at Kelly's Caribbean Grill struck me as rather old fashioned. Isn't everywhere air conditioned and damned the energy requirements?I have never been inside this place so perhaps the sign refers to outdoor air conditioning or something truly spectacular. City trash cans (public recycling at all street corners is still a pipe dream in this determinedly backward eco city) display a sense of humor if you know where to look:She of restaurant fame and once upon a time, up and coming movie star used to live in Key West. And had the restaurant mentioned above. I think her ghost still rates a mention in the Conch Train tours.

I am trying to teach Cheyenne to read. TAMPOA doesn't like dogs. Boo hiss. There again the Truman Annex Master Property Owners Association isn't my favorite group either so we can agree to steer our separate routes through life, they in the sterility of their walled compound, me and my dog out here. Among the tandem riders.Looking over the top of the wall along Whitehead Street I could see this long lost park area out of reach and abandoned. A worm's eye view:In foul weather this resident could lift up the campaign sign and use it to keep the rain off the modest little cottage behind the fence.I'm voting for the other guy (who uses equally large signs). Demetrios Efstratiou works for the State Attorney and when his name comes up as the duty rotation state attorney contact we have to spell his name out on the board at work, so his number is handy in case an officer needs to call for legal advice. If he gets elected judge we won't have to scratch our heads to remember how to spell his name once a month. In guess that's as good a reason as any to vote for a judge, a judicial election I believe to be fundamentally flawed. On what criteria does one base a vote for a job as removed from daily life as a judge? City commissioner is a job that causes all kinds of strong feelings when elections for that position come around. This lot decided to change the traffic pattern at Clinton Square, not least because rental vehicles were parking all day in front of the old Customs house to tout for cruise ship business.
The easiest way to end the storm in a teacup was to close the stretch of street to all vehicles. Perhaps the pedestrian concept will catch on and more of Old Town will try the same. Now that would be a throat slitting controversy!Cheyenne decided she need to plonk herself down for a pause to catch her breath. So I caught this view of the old customs house all red and impressive in the sub tropical sun. They say it was a standard federal design more suited to the Canadian border than down here. Which maybe true but I've never seen customs houses like this anywhere along the border with Mexico. I guess we are just lucky this one survived years of neglect intact and is now a rather nice history museum for all to enjoy.