Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Northside Drive

Northside Drive is a useful but unappealing street that runs parallel to the major thoroughfare of North Roosevelt Boulevard.

It's useful because it goes east from Kennedy Drive and services the loading docks at the rear of Searstown. It also provides access to the shopping center and the six screen mainstream movie theater.

On the south side of the street there is a bunch of housing including the curiously named Mariner's Cove.

I wondered about the name and apparently it was originally intended as affordable housing for people connected with the sea. These days anyone can apply for affordable housing.

Next to the apartment complex are the offices of the Key West Citizen an unassuming building Tucked out of sight behind a row of trees, most conspicuous thanks to then orange newspaper boxes lining the parking lot.


This is the surgery center on Toppino Drive across from the newspaper offices. When it opened it was supposed to provide competition for the Lower Keys Medical Center on Stock Island, the Lower Keys hospital. From what I've heard they do a nice job. My city insurance doesn't rate this facility so I got my colonoscopy at the hospital and survived just fine.

The other side of the street is the loading dock area for the restaurants and stores in the shopping center. Not attractive but extremely useful. You won't see tours and trains around here.

Solana Village is another apartment complex.

It doesn't look too bad at all behind the super tall security fence.

The view isn't ideal in this direction and trucks do make deliveries but it's a convenient place to live.

Boats on city streets are not allowed technically but it is a common problem that neighbors call the police to act upon.

Northside Drive is also the scene of accidents and not everyone gets out alive, worse luck.

More housing, here in the form of the largest trailer park in Key West.

Stadium is huge by local standards with every conceivable type of mobile residence packed in row upon row.

So there it is, Key west's seamy underbelly! Even tourist towns need their housing and loading docks and all that boring stuff.

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