Sunday, October 13, 2013

Lignumvitae Channel

I advocate stopping to check out the views as one drives up the Overseas Highway, so I took my own advice.
There are lots of places to stop and walk or sit so bringing a camp chair and maybe a folding table would be no bad idea.
In the photo above you can see the water main installed with the new highway in 1982. It's the pipe that supplies water from the South Florida aquifer to the islands. Most weekends this quiet spots near the water are filled with anglers, visitors from the mainland enjoying their fishing far from the big cities.
The waters are shallow and still relatively clear though the clarity has been reduced by the years of pollution washing through these islands.
These dried cement bags are widely used to support the land at the waterfront. They make an interesting pattern.
Tall boats and sailboats have to pick their channels to get from the south (ocean side in local talk) to the north side (gulf side) of the Overseas Highway.
It is an unfortunate fact of life that lots of people prefer not to stop and actually get out of their vehicles but instead slow down to an aggravatingly slow speed on the bridges to take their photographs. It is a reminder of the unusual nature of the highway that went to sea for those of us that live here, but I do wish they would stop, get out and do their photography as one should.
Tis is where the salt water brushes up against the land.
And splendid views they are, even from the road itself.
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