Thursday, December 18, 2014

Mainland Colors

I found myself on the mainland one cold morning recently and walked my dog as usual, though temperatures were unusually cold for me, below 50 degrees.
Conventional Christmas decorations seemed to fascinate Cheyenne but I think it was the pole itself she liked. She was intent as I stood there trying to  rub circulation into my frigid hands.
 The sun was coming up even as the moon was supposed to be setting.
I was struck by the colors. Little wonder photographers prefer the early morning or late evening light.
Notice too how clean the walls are, nicely painted and free of grime or chips or graffiti. Can't be Key West!
Need further proof? Check out the cheap rates for parking. Lost ticket?  No problem.
Ft Myers calls itself the City of Palms. With good reason. When I lived here briefly a good many years ago downtown was not quite so nicely done up but the palms were everywhere.
 A clean trash can and a bench you could actually lay out on. How civilized!
 I have no idea what the story might be at this rather worn down window.
 Hot chocolate would have been nice, and it was a pity they weren't open.
 The rising sun made everything look good.
 Even the bizarre Lee County building.

 The City of Palms indeed.