Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kojin Noodles

My colleague Fred has been working his way through the menu and every evening at work his praise rises higher for the new noodle shop on Southard just by Duval Street.

It looks cute enough from the outside but when I figured out the nice to go hatch it occurred to me that lunch wasn't going to be air conditioned on this 90 degree afternoon.

And the cooking goes on in front of you which would be a nice touch in artificially cool air. I took a seat at the counter which did not get me immediate and rapid service but I had the newspaper to keep me company even if the server had better things to do. The cook smiled though as he put together a roast pork sandwich on naan.

It was the eleven dollar special so I ordered one as it came with miso soup. The place offers half a dozen pho type dishes, Asian noodles vegetables and meat and only one vegetarian offering, a rather boring looking miso with tofu. My first Asian restaurant not catering to vegetarians.

Small bowls for ten bucks, giant bowls for 18 so I figured a soup and sandwich would give me a quick look across the menu board. The naan was soft flavorless and not the least crispy. It was the reason I wanted the sandwich, as I love naan, who doesn't, and I miss Indian food. The miso was full of mushrooms and dark with flavor. The sandwich had a weird sauce that tasted of mashed liver which gave me pause. Luckily I had a teapot with hot tea to wash it down. Unluckily the server was quite surprised by my request for hot tea but I am one of those weird people who like hot tea on a hot day to cool my skin by sweating slightly. I had some mystery tea bag from an old tin hidden behind the counter and left it at that.

Here is the cheerful cook filling eighty dollars-worth of pho bowls.

Maybe I should have had a nine dollar beer to wash it down. As it was I spent $14 and left a three dollar tip. Oh and when it came time to settle the bill, also requiring an age to wait, I was told with no prior warning the credit card machine was down. Luckily and unusually for me I had a twenty dollar bill, else I'd have had to add an ATM fee from the Bank of American Crooks machine up the street.

I could have spent nine bucks on an El Gaucho Ernesto burrito from badboy up Simonton Street and sat in air conditioning.
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