Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Florida Mountains

For this essay of mostly photos I turned to my favorite photographer, a transplanted Californian who has made his name standing in the muck of the Everglades with a huge old fashioned camera on a tripod. The results are worth it.Butcher came to Key West not so long ago and I couldn't be there so my wife did me proud. My camera is not the old fashioned tripod mounted machine,obviously. I don't get $38,000 for my mural pictures either. It is no surprise that he is compared to Ansel Adams but what I prefer about Butcher's pictures is that for some reason they exude more warmth than the famous Adams pictures of the West. Perhaps it is the subject matter, or Butcher's technique but I like his photos far more.I started thinking about Butcher one morning when i was walking Cheyenne and found myself taking pictures with no essay subject in mind.
Dawn is a great time on my street in the summer. The exercise obsessed snowbirds are Up North and year round residents are resting from their daily labors.
My home silhouetted by the sun "coming up like thunder..." (Kipling, Mandalay)
Butcher coined the term "Florida mountains" for Sunshine State clouds.
Mourning doves are doing well on our street.
Salt ponds. Rainwater fills these mineral mud flats in summer and they come alive with crabs and birds hunting them.
Cheyenne is busy. She always finds things to sniff.
She is not the only creature on the prowl:
Here come people:
A one lane street is a test of driver's manners. Imagine how often they fail the test.