Tuesday, September 25, 2018

A Visit To The Doctor

Like every other thing it was an adventure getting to the doctors office. My wheel chair as issued by rehab is 26 inches wide ( for my fat ass). However it wouldn’t fit in the van. 

Back to my room. Transfer from my wheelchair to the van’s using the infamous Hoyer Lift. 

Back to the van. Horrendous 40 minute ride across Miami slipping down like toothpaste out of the tube. Three stops to readjust me in the chair on the freeway. 

Then the chair transfer at the doctors office. Holy terror standing up and switching chairs under me. 

After the checkup and final stitch removal all is well. One suture suppurating slightly. Six weeks rehab. At least to get my pelvis repaired so I can stand. Fine. Lovely.

However we then discover that the 26 inch wheelchair we brought empty into the doctors office will not exit no way no how with 280 pounds of Conchscooter in it. We ponder taking off the door (seriously!)  and decide to do another exhibit of me standing on one barely able leg clinging desperately to a couple of very strong aides. 

I stand and shuffle the wheelchair comes through the doorway and we’re out. Thank god.
Then the 75 minute wait for a bigger van to take me and the 26 inch chair back to my room.
Please god soon, meanwhile a taste of the world. 

After about 90 minutes a bigger van showed up but the lift was of course too narrow.  By force Alex manhandled the chair onto the ramp and got me in. 

And so home to bed. What a day.