Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Late Day

There are things I read on line that make me smile, like the people who moan about having to drive 30 miles to a motorcycle dealer, or being annoyed that one store doesn't have exactly what they want. If you live in the Keys, convenience is laughable unless you have Amazon Prime and don't mind ordering online. Local shopping is a hit or miss affair, especially when compared to the consumer-mad shoppers Up North with all the shopping imaginable in their own neighborhoods..
Around here one goes through a lot of pain to discover technicians, mechanics, construction people and electricians who can do the job and who will show up, and then you hold them tight, passing on information to only trusted friends so as not to overburden the precious skilled workers. There are work vans that drive around with the slogan: We Show Up it's that much of a big deal. 
My wife working in Marathon has opened up a whole new world of shops and businesses for us. She prefers the Publix in Marathon to the two grocery stores by that name in Key West. Why? Haven't a clue but she says they have better selection and fresher vegetables. Sunday night in Key West and Big Pine is not a time to be buying produce, that much I know. So when I needed tires for my car I went to 107th Street. This is Cheyenne enjoying a walk:
Island Tire gets my vote. He was quick efficient and decently priced, $120 a tire mounted and ready to go. He also told me to go get an alignment and I did at another Marathon shop for a hundred bucks. My car rides a lot better and no one forgot to put any of the nuts on the wheels. That has happened enough times I keep spares at home in case I happen to notice a shortfall. I quite like Marathon for Home Depot too where the parking is easier and boring stuff like that. Living at Mile Marker 23 puts us right in the middle of the two towns which helps but my wife being based in Marathon makles it quite convenient. 
Anyway I ended up taking the car for the alignment with Cheyenne in the back and after we dropped off the car, and then the wife at her classroom we got to drive home and i was about ready to pass out, but I got a second wind which ruined my sleep pattern for the day after 12 hours at work overnight so we went for  a walk that she really seems to like at this boat ramp. 
I am waiting for big summer clouds to appear because I think the black and white function on my iPhone should do some nice work. For now these pathetic things:
Cheyenne looking happy, I think.
 It didn't last, she stood over me staring so I had to get up and carry on walking.
 I could have lain in the grass a while longer. Bloody  dog.
She was looking for abandoned bait on the bridge where the anglers congregate but she found a yipping chihuahua instead.  Harley got the better of her and she made a u-turn and stumped back to the car.
Next time, I promised, no Harley and lots of crispy sun baked bait. She too was ready for bed by then. It was ten o'clock and I slept badly. Cheyenne snored on the floor next to me, taunting me.