Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Duval and Eaton

Were you planning to bring a dog to the United States from any one of a hundred countries the  journey  must be completed today because tomorrow they are banned. The CDC has imposed a ban on importing dogs "for the time being," unless they are form a handful of countries.
The temporary (I hope) ban is in response to the demand for pedigree dogs during the pandemic when rescuing a mutt is not suitable for the fashion conscious and those in pursuit of precocious status symbols.
What happened was unscrupulous breeders and puppy mills abroad took to faking vet certificates which were hard to obtain thanks to Covid restrictions and they shoved off their pedigree dogs to the US unprotected against rabies. For fear of an outbreak of the disease the CDC imposed the ban. Supposedly it will be lifted once the Centers for Disease Control figure out what to do.
Western (not Eastern) Europe is exempt from the ban as are Mexico, Canada and Australia and New Zealand. Dogs must have lived in those countries for six months to be eligible to enter the US. Everywhere else is closed as of tomorrow.
Rusty will not be affected as any decision to go beyond Mexico will not be a short term trip, though I find this idea of a blanket ban by an agency touting the value of vaccinations to be weird. I got my second Covid shot on February 16th and very glad I was too. I believe in the value of vaccinations as they have saved me from disease over the decades. Why incoming dogs from suspect countries  can't be vaccinated at our border I don't know. May be that will become the policy who knows.
The dogs facing issues right now are rescue dogs in Third World countries who have found homes in the US but will be banned from travel. Personally I don't think any dog should be a stray and why people insist on buying dogs when 2.4 million abandoned dogs are killed each year in this country baffles me. Rusty is just one more proof its the owners not the dogs that are the problem.
I guess the reason this story struck me was the notion that Covid is wrecking so much in so many ways and in so many places. Unemployment, underemployment, travel restrictions, extra poverty, all on top of death and disruption. Now stray dogs are getting screwed. Does it ever end?
A stray no longer.