Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Truman Road Works

Truman Avenue is going to be torn up soon and a new traffic light will be installed in front of Sears and dips that periodically fill with rain water and drown bicycles and small children will be filled in.

These palm trees were to be replaced with maintenance free palmettos but the snowbirds got upset and demanded the city sent money maintaining these non native coconut palms so workers were out recording them for posterity and so they will be returned ot their original holes I suppose.

Meanwhile at the other end of the road that becomes Truman Avenue the surface is being torn up.

This road used to be called Division Street as it divided the inhabited parts of the island from the wilderness to the east. Now it divides that part of the city that floods less in the rain from the parts that flood more in the rain.

I have no idea what they are digging up but I'm sure it will be good.

For the time being traffic is inbound only past Bayview Park but this will be work in motion.

The whole job is supposed to take two and a half years so traffic will be snarled for ages in New Town and everyone is excited about that.

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