Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Painting By Numbers

It was a busy enough night at work, my nose was running, my chest was...chesty, the night seemed interminable, I felt feverish. The company was good, Nick and Shannon and I make a good team and we squeeze a few laughs out of the hours spent together answering 911 calls. The work does not often yield much merriment but between ourselves we find our own quirks a source of amusement. Going home is always a joy especially these days as sunrise tends to be right on time as I arrive home over the Niles Channel Bridge.

With a fierce head cold plaguing me I prefer to drive than ride, not so much to avoid the cold night air, which at 62 degrees may not seem cold to everyone, but because riding requires concentration, more so even than driving I drive when I feel less than my best. I should have stayed home but there were some administrative chores only I could do, so in I went, snuffling and coughing and spluttering.

Cheyenne was waiting when I got home at 6:30, and my state of health was no bar to her enjoyment of an early morning walk. Above, the view west from my street, below the full moon over Ramrod Key.

Me, I found myself sitting reading the paper, which, as much as I love it, seemed a sacrilegious thing to do.

Then of course as I looked around I wanted to record what I saw.

A log in the newly created fire ring was smoldering. People do like to come here and drink and talk, loudly, and in the summer to swim. You can see why.

Cheyenne loves this place which attracts lots of visiting dogs and who leave tons of scents.


I could watch Cheyenne all day. Some days I do.

My Android camera does amazing things with pixels.
It is a county park but I love that Ramrod Pool is undeveloped. It was a planned housing development that never came to fruition happily. We get a deep water undeveloped canal to swim in and gravel to park on and no one to bother us. As drunk as people get this is a peaceful low-key spot and I have never encountered anything but good cheer here. People don't seem to get angry in this place which is a quality I really enjoy.

I pulled out my beach chair and snoozed as the sun came up. My neighbor Linda bicycled by and laughed at me sprawled in my wooly sweatshirt baking gently under my dog's watchful gaze.