Friday, May 18, 2012

More Key West Wheels

It happens from time to time that I like to sit somewhere shady and watch the traffic go by.

I like the fact that Key West is a two wheeled town, both motorized and pedal power. And though the are always complaints about lack of bicycle paths and lack of mutual respect between road users the fact is two wheels are better than four in Key West.

In a country devoted to large vehicles and protection at all times from any weather that might remotely be described as inclement, Key West stands out as a place where small is beautiful.

As annoying as this Zuma scooter was with it's enormous gantry blocking my photographic view, it too is an example of the inventiveness of the two wheeled lifestyle. Need an SUV? Attach a trailer to your Yamaha...

Bicycles get people to work, they aren't spandex recreational tools.

Three wheelers are taxis.

They give Old Town an asiatic look.

This kid was pushing his cruiser hard, and I simply caught a quick frame of him pressing down on his pedals.

This guy was actually cruising smoothly along, not far behind. Much effort, not so much result perhaps.

She arrived by bicycle which qualified her for inclusion in this essay. The stand could easily be hitched to a scooter, lots of exhibitors at Mallory Square do just that.

I am quite fond of Harley Davidson motorcycles, marvels of adaptability and rock solid reliable when ridden by smart owners. This guy flattened his battery and looked idiotic trying to jump his ride. He knew it.

When he did get it running he roared off in a thunderhead of shame and noise.

Tourists love renting scooters. Back home they'd die rather than be seen on two small wheels.

Cheyenne is the main reason I drive four wheels at all these days. Leave her at home and I will be found aboard the Bonneville.

Some people like to toast their scalps even on four wheels.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this beehive drift by. Better than a pair of pink Crocs.

Practical bicycle, basket and all.

And finally the owner of the mobile gantry arrived, kick started his tired scooter and finally cleared my shady field of view.

An open shot across the street.

Lots of wheels.

Just out cruising in a state where if you're over 21 you can ride helmet free.

And most do. I do around town frequently. I like the freedom to choose.

Summer's coming and riders across the country are gearing up for exciting rides in winding mountains and valleys and sunny beach roads everywhere. Down here the roads remain the same, straight and flat furnished and burnished 'neath tropical sun. I'd like a mountain or two.

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