Sunday, October 15, 2017

Walking United

It is surprisingly easy to get downtown when you are living temporarily in New Town. A matter of ten minutes and Rusty and I were walking after we left the home we were staying in at the other end of town. I don't miss the short drive as I enjoy living out in the distant suburbs, and it's good to be home on Cudjoe. 
Signs of storm damage are everywhere, neon signs lack letters, trash is piled up still and impenetrable walls like this one topple over intact or almost:
Many parts of Key West are unscathed even if plenty of vegetation was lost all over the place. "Everything Will Be OK" looked rather out of place these days. Especially considering jobs and homes lost and people faced with relocation not having anywhere to live after heir homes were condemned and FEMA support runs out.
 But for the most part Key West structurally looks the same:

 What Rusty saw I couldn't say. There was nothing there.
Walking Key West, one of my preferred activities I keep seeing glimpses of the place as it was before. I find those moments to be tantalizing, they tease me into trying to remember things as they were. Trees, greenery, sunrise barely detected, scooters commuting ...the elements of a town basking in tropical night air without a care in the world..
 And some landmarks remain as they always were and are now open for service: