Friday, October 9, 2009

Mallory Preparations

Work continues apace (I hope) on the new docks at Mallory Square, looking out across the Key West harbor. I arrived rather early at Mallory Square for the sunset celebrations to have started so I wandered around taking pictures of the people gathered for what was to come:These are all props for the various acts that entertain the crowds on the square as the sun approaches the horizon.The material doesn't look promising but you might be surprised by the quality of some of the acts. The set up preparations entrance some visitors: The sunset celebration is a curious thing in it's organization. The square is actually leased by a non profit organization which issues permits to the performers.
It's actually a very well orchestrated gathering, despite appearances to the contrary.
Many of the acts have been around for a while and the performers can earn very decent livings here. To the order of buying homes, sending children to college and all the usual middle class catastrophes.Not forgetting Key west is where we are and there are always the usual insalubrious hangers on hoping for crumbs to slip off the tip laden tourist tables:
This guy was amusing himself singing Jimmy Buffet numbers. He couldn't have been all bad as I recognized the well worn grooves of a call to change latitudes and attitudes wafting over the square.
And I wasn't the only tourist wandering around taking pictures:I snagged a picture of the ship without the good citizen's wife.
It's not just acts performing at Mallory Square as the sun goes down. they sell artifacts and dust catchers, food and (non alcoholic drinks. I was quite taken by this lady's flamingo:Nothing to see here, m'bubba... just friends talking and hanging out.
Which doesn't I suppose, include the square, luckily:
I know it's a tourist gathering and we are all supposed to turn our noses up at such things but Mallory Square is worth seeing at sunset and deciding for yourself if you like the crowds and the acts and the stuff for sale.
The unmistakable badge of the cruise ship passenger, bright shiny and yellow on his chest:
"I'm not your daddy!" the tall one said.
"Yes you are!"insisted the little one, hovering anxiously round his feet.Cool, young and free with a back pack on his back:This kid just looks abandoned because of the way I took the picture. Her parents were hovering.This next one was fascinated by the silver man's bicycle:I had to go and thus I left, well before the sun was any closer to the horizon.