Thursday, December 10, 2020

A Cold Key West Bight

A cool sunny afternoon yesterday at Key West Bight. 
I took a lunch break and went fr an afternoon walk.
Sweaters are the order of the day this week.
I've been here before dawn and frankly the decorations are a lot more fun in the dark!
Some dude sitting on one of the conveniently placed benches. The white building behind the trees is Jimmy Buffett's Shrimpboat Sound music studio.
Unlike the predawn darkness, when you come out in the sun there are...other people around! 
Fisherman's Cafe has an interesting menu. Old school Key West. Outdoor seating only or you could to a to go and stay away from germs. Thats what we do when we are on the road.
I love the bright winter sun and the shadows it produces, in this case a clump of people waiting for something, probably a sunset cruise.
Not everyone is wearing. mask but the odds are more people are masked than not these days. 

Schooner Wharf Bar rolls down the plastic windows when the north wind blows, and there was no doubt the northwest wind was cold.
Lovely skies and bright colors and sharp shadows. I like how it looks this town in winter.
They say a good Florida parking spot is the one in the shade, however yesterday that refinement wasn't necessary.
Caroline Street, no traffic but endlessly bright in the evening sun.
Bright pink mustard yellow alongside Harpoon Harry's on Margaret Street.
It was a nice fresh break in a long work day. 
Florida Keys