Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Dream Walk

If you ignore the no see'ums and mosquitoes who discovered I had forgotten to apply repellent it was a lovely still evening.
The sun was setting as it was just before six in the evening and I managed to catch the last rays of orange light.
By my standards these aren't exceptional pictures but they have a dreamy quality to them that I like.
This was a large rainwater and high tide puddle reflecting the last of the light on a  cloud:
I really didn't feel like getting my shoes and socks wet so I persuaded Rusty to turn around and we walked the road instead, less scenic and more boring for both of us. 
I caught this shadowy image f the tyke rushing back to me when I called through the gathering gloom.
The last of the sun.

It was as pleasant as it looked, silent, no one around and dark.