Friday, September 2, 2016

Caroline Paved

One really needs to take time sometimes to enjoy the good bits.and seeing Caroline Street paved is nice. This street used to be rippled and dented so badly you could barely ride a motorcycle sedately down it without being bounced out of the saddle.
There's a reminder of the piteous state the street was in:
Breakfast and the newspaper at Harpoon Harry's. Fond memories fro me from the years before I worked night shift. I don't think I would switch to days just to enjoy bacon and eggs in the morning.
History is everywhere:
Rusty garnering attention:
Talking of riding Caroline Street I spotted this guy around the block enjoying James Street, fully prepared with a helmet and everything:
I quite like palms coated in Christmas lights in the season but I was quite surprised to see some leftover lights sill hanging on:
I posted this on Instagram. Don't have a cow, drive one.
I've dumped out of Facebook. I find the social pressure of being asked to pray think or post comment agree or like just too much. Besides people keep re-posting instead of showing off their own pictures. I find Instagram much more soothing. All original pictures, no comments necessary. 
Finnegans Wake is undergoing one more transformation. I met the owner, a middle aged white guy, nice enough but he had trouble articulating the menu precisely of  a retired Surfer's Bar and restaurant. It's quite extensive and one hopes it is well done: Lucy's Link 
I suppose it's no coincidence this place is also the second restaurant in a chain originating in New Orleans. The ill fated Backspace was the same and I wonder if there is a connection. I did point out to this owner that he at least isn't fighting that squabble all over again. Finnegans is gone and that's that.
We shall have to see if this new attempt can hold it's own. Joe's Place went away. Back on Caroline and the former PT's and a bunch of other thin gs is now empty again. As is the rather passive aggressive bike parking sign in a hedge with no rack:
The street after all the construction looks glorious.
So will the JDL's Big Ten, former PT's former...blah blah blah spring back to life soon?
The gravel lot has been formalized at 908 Caroline into a tour bus parking lot. Tour buses get little respect in Key West as they bring people from Miami for the day and those people like cruise ship passengers are not viewed in the same favorable light as overnight visitors. 
Repaving looks good. I'd like to see more around town. Smooth streets, not more condos. My kind of construction.