Sunday, June 27, 2021

St Petersburg

We met friends in St Petersburg for a convivial evening. I took my pocket camera to record some scrapbook photos. After dinner we went for a walk and I ended up playing with my Olympus waterproof camera as the small talk swirled around and day faded to night. Outdoor seating is not only Covid friendly, it is also dog friendly and Rusty likes that. I like it as Rusty takes the center of attention and I wander on the periphery of small talk with time to see the world my way.

St Petersburg displays modern architecture... 
...alongside the old.
An IMAX theater! I could see St Petersburg as a city to grow old in.

Sea Salt restaurant, modern elegant friendly and good food with no salty afterburn on your tongue. 
This city is  no longer "God's waiting room," as it was known when retirees came here to sit on green benches to wait for the Grim Reaper.
Lots of modern art in public spaces all over modern St Petersburg. 
The waterfront has been redeveloped and the new pier is they say a lovely third place to walk and enjoy the warm Florida nights.
I wandered at the back of the pack and had my own fun throwing my indestructible camera  around.
I have a tendency to use my camera to document my world without chasing the nuances so I deliberately followed a different path seeking mood not focus. Not easy for a linear person like me.
St Petersburg helps define weird as the architecture and lighting is all its own.
The new pier is lined with benches which make a good place to sit and watch passers by, or your friends being goofy.
There is a whole new pier that replaces the Martian Embassy of fond memory thirty years ago. The pier then was an inverted pyramid of no great social value, now we see a pedestrian zone sticking out over the water, the sort of modern urban space that is out of reach for Key West. Naturally we got there too late and the pier was being closed by a patient security guard herding late night hedgehogs off the water. Next time.
Rusty got to watch and listen and he was his usual perfect self.
Time to go home...
...time for musicians... close up for the night, and become just an outline of themselves.
My boy watching it all.
Museum of art flying the colors.
A  homeless guy wandering the waterfront also watching the world go by.
A photography exhibit I need to see well before September 26th:
Setting up for a pause in the endless night time wandering of the dispossessed:
I wonder how I shall cope with stray dogs in Third World countries and I realize we have so many strays of all sorts right here and I have learned my own brand of distancing indifference. 
"A bad hair day" she said.
I am told these waterfront apartments are often bought and sold as investments and exist endlessly unoccupied, even as the homeless  curl up in the doorways at their feet.
Accidental displays of light streaks. I quite liked them. 
St Petersburg: my favorite mainland city.