Friday, June 15, 2012

B.O.'s Fish Wagon

My wife wanted to see one of her graduating students in town to say hi, but the kid had swapped her scheduled shift and we were left to order fried fish sandwiches.

They offer more than that on their menu.

The good bit is that this rough assemblage of planks and junk allows dogs. Cheyenne stayed home as it is getting too hot for her to be hanging around outdoors in the middle of the day.

It was white hot outside and the fans inside were the bare minimum needed to stay comfortable lacking windows and air conditioning.

Our neighbors over ordered and offered us their extra order of conch fritters which the nice lady pronounced "konsh" which confused me for a second.

I woofed them, to show appreciation and because I am a pig. Essentially konk fritters are hush puppies with bits of mollusk buried in the batter. How bad can a fried dough ball be even with conch in it?

Thank you ma'am, I enjoyed them! And off she went studying her street map.

It's a shambolic place, is Buddy Owen's restaurant.

Key West funk I suppose, whatever that means.

People come by and take pictures.

After 20 minutes our fried fish sandwiches arrived. I used to work across the street at Fast Buck Freddie's shipping warehouse and we could smell the French fries wafting across Caroline Street. It was nice to get to taste them and remember the 'good old days.' Ah, nostalgia!

At $13 apiece I figure these are downtown tourist prices.

What the hell it was fun playing tourist for an afternoon.

The sandwich was okay but Sandy's sells a similar sandwich with no fires and more fish for $7, with limited outdoor seating and easy access to waterfront picnic tables at Higgs. Still I had a good time at B.O.'s and once in a while it's worth it.

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