Friday, January 4, 2013

Another Splendid New Day

It's been a quiet week in the Lower Keys, the community that time forgot and the decades cannot improve.

We have survived the holidays and next week my wife goes back to work and as time passes so the days get longer. Not by much around here until summer time starts but a little at a time it gets lighter earlier when Cheyenne and I take our morning constitutional.

New Years Eve was busy, work was crazy so I hope that the town made money.

I have the next few days off, my wife wants to go out of town before she has to dig in and deal with her students for foreseeable future.

The car is field and ready to go, dog food in the trunk and clean clothes packed.

So I have decided to take a few days off and start the year with some pictures without words.

Cheyenne will be in the back of the car happy to be involved, but not much liking the travel. Between now and Monday I'll post some pictures of my home town and on Monday I'll have a few thoughts to share as usual.