Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Taco Truck

I live in the Lower Keys so I'm not sure what is happening in the World with food trucks, whether they are still fashionable or are they just accepted or are they forgotten? Key West got really annoyed by these food palaces ostensibly on wheels arguing they took short cuts to serve cheaper food than established eateries in proper buildings...But here we have a prime example, Taco Express, tucked away between a pawn shop and a tire shop on North Roosevelt Boulevard.
My wife has had her eye on Taco Express and we stopped off on our way home last week from downtown and ordered up some food to go. It is actually a truck on wheels offering limited seating. It was a cool breezy evening, well not that cool but not oppressive by local standards and we were happy to wait for our food.
The menu is pretty expansive and we tried a little of this and that, a quesadilla, a burrito, a couple of tacos and took the food home.
The crew we were told consists of three men, funnily enough one Mexican, one Guatemalan and one Nicaraguan who happened to be on duty when we were there. The food though was very Mexican and my wife, a California native pronounced it authentic by West Coast standards. She wasn't completely fond of the ground beef  as she is of the school that authentic Mexican requires shredded beef but some adaptation to palates trained by (gasp!) Taco Bell is to be expected.
I thoroughly enjoyed the assorted dishes we took home and plan to stop by again and soon. Once again cheap eats in Key West come through on the street.