Monday, October 25, 2010

Albury Street

I'm always looking for an excuse to wander my favorite neighborhood called The Meadows.It is a small collection of streets between White and Palm Avenue an area with no tourist attractions or shops.It's a neighborhood of pretty homes and lots of greenery.The name Albury is most well known in the Abaco Islands of the Bahamas where Albury was a respected boat builder. I can only surmise some Albury must have washed up in Key West at some point in history because it is quite an illustrious name on this side of the Gulf Stream as well.Off street parking can be found in The Meadows though on street parking doesn't seem to be as critical as it is in some areas of the city. Pretty home, ugly sign, as usual. Lunch on the hoof. Cheyenne is very well behaved around wildlife, exhibiting little interest in chickens, cats or deer. The Meadows offers a chance to see pretty homes outside the strict boundaries of Old Town. And flowers whose name I couldn't even hazard a guess.
Wildlife aloft. Chaos below. Such a porch would drive me mad, for I am compulsive when it comes to controlling my environment.
The chances of getting run over by a bicycle are far higher around here than by a car. Every way I turned there were people pedaling.
A VW bus held together by bondo and a rainbow sticker.
This house struck me as eccentric with burglar proof bars on the upper windows only.
An apparently homeless dude meandering around pushing a shopping cart filled with a guitar case. And who knows? Perhaps an actual guitar inside.
Tropical vegetation pushes through everywhere, even through fences.

We should all be so determined.