Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mosquito Central, Key Largo

In the Keys it's no surprise to see boats buzzing about back and forth on the water. In a place where reefs and landmasses keep waves to a minimum you'd expect no less.

However one of the things I do like about Monroe County is how open the landmass is to visitors.

Pretty much the entire length of Highway One is a waterfront parking lot if you so choose.

This particular spot is on Card Sound Road just south of the county line at Alabama Jack's restaurant.

I forgot my repellent and was instantly covered in a blanket of little black bodies busily sucking my blood. I'm lucky in that mosquitoes don't give me welts and the itching goes away after a few minutes, nevertheless the attack was disconcerting.

I have no idea what this former billboard advertised.

Beyond the mosquitoes the views across the water were spectacular.

I love the look of a summer thunderstorm over unruffled tidal waters.

This being Monroe County the beaches are narrow and rocky and the dead seaweed is copious at the high tide line.

Ignore the rotting vegetarian and enjoy the light on the water, the weird twisted red mangroves and the silence.

There are no facilities in these roadside stops except for tons of trash cans.

And the highway has no signs pointing to these intimate little turn outs.

Chances are you'll have to back up, as I did, if there is mo traffic and duck off the road. In winter traffic is far more intense.

Many people come to the Keys to fish and they will stand all day at a buttress on a bridge dangling a line.

Rain was my portion further up the road and I passed a few bridges with abandoned fishing rods left to get wet as the storm blew overhead.

But eventually the rain fell behind ad sunshine tried to penetrate the clouds.

Small boats on large expanses of water.

Daily living in the Florida Keys.

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