Sunday, April 24, 2016

A Sunrise From 2010

West Summerland Sunrise

I have been attracted back to this spot quite a bit lately. I enjoy standing at the top of a thirty foot "hill" and looking out over the water. Cheyenne likes wandering at her own pace smelling the smells so we are both happy.On returning home from work several days ago I got it into my head to drive the fifteen minutes from house to enjoy what promised to be a spectacular sunrise. I missed the arrival of the orb above the horizon but I got some lovely colors reflected off the water.
Pelicans are back for the winter.
It was a lovely still morning of low humidity, abundant dew and temperatures hovering around a perfect 70 degrees (20 C).

I photographed anything that moved and a few things that didn't.
The morning glow gave everything a particular brilliance. The stop sign marks the edge of the Overseas Highway atop the embankment.
Cheyenne was busy in the dawn's early light.
The old Bahia Honda ("deep bay" in Spanish) bridge looked sepia tinted in the light.Then an exceedingly odd thing happened when Cheyenne started nuzzling my legs. I stepped away from her and she followed insistently nuzzling my legs. I looked down and found my Labrador patiently picking sand spurs off my uniform trousers. She pulled one, spat it out and went back for the next of these nasty spiky little buggers. She was taking care of me the same way I take care of her when she starts limping from getting one of these things up in her pads. I have never had a dog take care of me like that.I am very fond of my Labrador.I quite like living in the Keys too. I wonder what the attraction of snow and gray skies are.
We enjoy the bright colors of winter down here.
The state of Florida manifests the most wicked sense of humor unexpectedly. Who would think to park an RV overnight on this vegetated slope?
See your blizzard and raise you another sunny day in Paradise.
This was Ramrod Key from the Overseas Highway as we arrived home.
There are no mountains or deciduous forests or winding twisty roads, but that's okay. We have sun sea and enough sand to make it all worthwhile.