Saturday, July 10, 2021

Old Bahia Honda

Sunrise at Old Bahia Honda, a place to go to breathe deep and enjoy solitude at the waterfront. 
If this place had sand it would be packed year round but its scrubby bushes, rocks and old cement buildings turned to rubble. Absolutely perfect.


Check out the respect the overnight anglers have for this place:
This is as you find the place:
This is as they leave it, leaving me regretting not having my gloves and bags. There are trash cans at the parking lot. All I do know is that during the lockdown these sights we were spared our sensitive eyes:
Back to nature and the sunrise:
This past week 22 people took off from Cuba in a boat just ahead of Tropical Storm Elsa. They didn't make it. The Coastguard picked up 13 twenty six miles from Key West, the other eight vanished. A sobering thought.
The straits of Florida as they look most days when not being stirred up: