Saturday, December 8, 2018

Drinks With Steve

That's me in my electric mobility scooter at the Waterfront Brewery in Key West and I'm sitting with a total stranger, Steve from Virginia. Actually I'm not quite honest if you can get to know someone through their web page (you tell me...) and you too can get to know Steve from his web page like I did: Log of Spartina Now unlike me you may have no interest in sailing but Steve is a professional photographer so his pictures of sailing  are remarkable and I'll tell you why. Ha! I've been studying them to learn something!
Steve  travels the water with cameras and manages to do something I never could on a boat: he gets angles and colors and light and composition that draws you in. He's a modest man so he lays much of the credit at the door of technology and I'm sure he's right but only in part. He sees the possibilities and he aims his equipment the right way. He is helped along by his boat which is small and beautiful and lovely to look at from any angle. His sailing adventures are within reach of any of us and therefore he excites the mind.
Waterfront Brewery was glowing in the evening light and the conversation wide ranging and stimulating. The funny part was that we were brought together by Webb Chiles, who as unlikely as it seems was our point of  contact. One of those Venn diagrams of connection that brought us together for a couple of hours in Key West. It was fun and I'm glad I scooted down even though it was an afternoon that left me a bit tired for work! Gone are the days, for now of Michael's massive stamina.
On the other hand I did wander around a slight bit to grab some pictures of Key West in the dying of the day's light when Old Town looks it's best.
Christmas is celebrated in Key West with the usual ridiculous Nordic symbols of icicles and snow and lights and all that. It's rather nice I find in 85 degrees. Throw in a wreath and you are good to go for the mid winter holidays.
And so to work. Its odd but another cold front is expected next week so we may have seven days of temperatures struggling to hit 80 degrees, 27 Canadian. I'm not sure what to think about that.