Wednesday, February 14, 2018

My Kind Of February

The  cold fronts that have comprised winter appear to be vanquished,  at least for now and we have days near 80  degrees and nights near 70. My kind of weather. 
 The effects of Hurricane Irma  are still apparent, though not as bad as the effects in the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico that are still suffering horribly.  Washington Post Article.
Tourism is down in Key West but that is not to say people aren't here. They are and they are glad to be here, enjoying the mangroves and the birds and the sunshine and the opportunity to sunbathe. Can't do that Up North.
 The tire shop on North Roosevelt has gone and not because of any storm. It was time to retire and I guess no one wanted the business. They say a couple of eateries will be moving in.
 I don't really understand the future of this town, where the practical aspects of life get replaced by an unending stream of tourist related facilities that don't answer to the daily needs of life for those still trying to live a  full life here. I noted recently the closure of the Hospice Facility this month leaving 30 people without help. Duval Street is a shopping center without a useful shop unless you count the abundance of chain pharmacies. Worker housing is to be built on Rockland Key at Mile Marker 9 in an effort to keep pushing people out of town to make room for people with millions to spend on absurdly inadequate homes in Key West.
It all adds up to a peculiar vision for a town that proudly marches forward without a vision or a plan and tries to cope as things happen. There is an underlying philosophy, powered by immediate profit for people with stuff to sell, that says markets will take care of everything. I am an interested observer of this process. 
So while we grapple with lack of staff and too much overtime, as prices never cease to rise, the stuff that remains that is free for all makes  some of the hassle worthwhile.