Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hiking With Rusty

We were going to leave around ten but I got up early to a morning of mistyness and dripping trees. Western North Carolina is not the Florida Keys. I wore shorts but temperatures just below 60 degrees were bearable only owing to the lack of a breeze. Rusty wasn't at all convinced by the views outside the house. He went out and got nervous among the dripping leaves an creaking noises. He preferred to watch from safety:
His unfamiliarity with and fear of the woods surprised me but I figured he would learn to enjoy this open spaces, so different from the South Florida he knows so well. When we all got going for our lunch time hike around 10:30 he was ready.

Finally we reached the pasture at the top of seven mile ridge just over two hours after leaving the house. 
It was a hell of a view so I tried a panorama shot with my iPhone. The white dog showed up friendly as you like and ready to share lunch. 
Bob wanted nothing to do with him but I was ready to try to get him to safety from this lonely place. 
Rusty wasn't very enthusiastic and the way the dog followed us told me he had nowhere better to go. We go him back to the Celo community and the teachers at the school took care of him while they look for his owner. Sweet dog. Rusty wanted no part of him.
The walk was downhill obstacle course, a carefully negotiated obstacle course of slippery leaves, loose rocks and branches. It was easier than it looked fortunately. 
It was an excellent time and it quite wore out Rusty.  Perfect all round.