Friday, July 10, 2015

Coming and Going in Key West

The new first station on Simonton Street is fully operational and has been for a while.
The parking lot around it is open now too with quite a lot of motorcycle parking though they seem to have gone in for a bit of landscaping as well compared to the old days...
...which it seems to me has cut down on the number of spaces. 
I was quite surprised they didn't put the new fire station where the old city hall was, on the Angela Street side of the lot. I figure if they had done that the parking lot could have been built as a structure and stored more cars.  Plus the firefighters could have parked their cars downstairs in the shade. 
I miss the overhanging trees on Angela and even the funky old city hall building, even though it was long overdue to be torn down. The new space is clean and efficient and does the job a lot better.
Certainly the old fire station was overdue for removal and replacement.
There have been a few other changes around town. The French owned chain of electrical suppliers has retreated from Key West. Rexel used to have a shop on Angela Street near Duval...gone!
The funky old Spindrift Motel on Simonton Street is now a hole in the ground much to my surprise.
I got this poor quality picture off Trip Advisor:
Spindrift Motel: Au├čenansicht
It used to be listed as a lost cost motel in this high cost town and I know the Seashell and Youth Hostel are due to go. I saw an article a few months ago in the newspaper about a modern sleek replacement but I forgot about it. I guess we will have something fresh and new and impossibly pricey to look at before highest season in the winter.
Spindrift Motel
Meanwhile I noticed that Backspace, the not very much appreciated replacement for Finnegans Wake on Grinnell Street has closed not for the summer, but for good. Their lease is available for $200,000 from Berkshire Hathaway. I won't miss it. And oddly enough Bank of America in Big Pine Key suddnely shut it's doors. That was inconvenient for me as I used to drop off the rent their every month for my MIami based landlord. Oh well, another excuse to ride into town and take some pictures each though I needed an excuse.