Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Not Buffalo Or Michigan But Cold

Last night the cold front that has been generating apocalyptic headlines across the Mid West and North East finally arrived in Key West. I saw 63 degrees but no rain in the forecast, so nothing daunted I hopped on the Bonneville and went to work. I did add my windproof vest as a concession to the cold, but my handlebar muffs and balaclava are secure in the loft in a box...somewhere.
Actually it wasn't too cold at all, I found it bracing and rather fun. I met Shannon at the front door to the office and she looked at me as though I were an idiot for not commuting by car and when I said it was fun she looked worried as though my idea of fun was akin Ebola and quite possibly catching. It's a half hour ride and my fingers wrapped in light summer gloves weren't even close to chilled.
In an effort to  find evidence of cold weather I took Cheyenne to Higgs Beach yesterday and granted the wind honking out of the north was a bit cool I felt no need to wear anything heavier than a short sleeved shirt. The winter homeless/camping population were huddled under the trees as though seeking shade from the cloud covered skies leaving me alone in the parking lot to ponder why one would paint the word "Love" on the side of one's ratty old van. If one plans to camp illegally you'd think a low profile might be indicated, not an incandescent color scheme.
 Over at the bocce court I was struck by the apparent correlation between smoking and bowling. Some people call it bocce ball which is like a fingernail on a  blackboard to me. In Italian that would be like saying "football ball" but I know I will never make any headway on that subject. It's like this new fangled American term for an Italian sandwich all hip and modern called "panini" which in Italian is the plural of  "panino" which means common-or-garden sandwich. So asking for a sandwiches grates on my nerves. But who cares. 
What is truly peculiar is the way people feel the need to sunbathe on the beach even under total cloud cover. I know damaging rays penetrate the clouds and stuff which is why the tourists like to wear broad brimmed hats under gray skies, and I am refraining from commenting how odd that looks, but sitting on a beach on a day like this seems very odd to me. Maybe I should try it.
This next picture might have come out better had I a telephoto lense on my phone camera but it has a symmetry all its own anyway. I was trying to show the small dots on the horizon that are shrimp boats anchored off the south shore of Key West to get out of the heavy weather at sea romised by the cold front. 
Indeed on my ride into work I did get sprayed, albeit lightly, by salt water pushed over the seawall by the strong winds battering North Roosevelt Boulevard. However when one takes a quick check of the Internet and comes across Michigan Live one starts to develop a sense of proportion about cold fronts.
On the whole subject of cold and winter and seasons and all that boring stuff we should obey the proverb and let the sleeping proverbial lie. 
Just like that.