Thursday, October 13, 2016

Patterson And Eighth, Pocket Park

I drove past this pocket park a few weeks ago, quite by accident and I determined to come back to check it out.
The utility company used to keep electrical transformers dotted around the city and I guess the advances in technology made them redundant. 
So, rather cleverly they have been transformed with some mild landscaping, some art and a few benches, into places to hang out.
I wouldn't mind if they parked a porty potty in this spots. Te irony of walking the dog is that he gets to pee and I don't. After a while having to hold it interferes with the pleasure of the walk. But you do get a shady spot in which to sit.
Properly fenced it can be an off leash moment as well.
Except ny nuisance hound was on a mission and and let me know he wanted to get going again.
So we did. Been there done that and sniffed the artwork. Ready to keep moving. Sigh.