Thursday, May 14, 2015

Key West Picture Show

They teetered on the brink but kept their place as Cheyenne and I marched by toward Mallory Square. 
They are digging up Front and Whitehead Streets with a will and very large machines.
Road construction seems to be a permanent feature of life around here. I suppose we should be glad but it does get tiresome, all this home improvement.
And there's a new hotel on Duval Street. Which actually faces Eaton Street but this sign wouldn't let you know that.
I think this office used to be Prudential but now it belongs to the all encompassing Buffett empire. I find it rather startling to see this titan of corporate power on Duval Street. 
There are times when you wouldn't mind having a  small dog. But overall an older large dog is much a better companion for me.
What the story was behind this picnic I found on the curb at Mile Zero I have no idea. What a waste.
Far from the madness my front porch overlooking the canal and my boat floating there ready to go.
A great spot to hang out and read and enjoy the breeze far from the madness of Old Town.