Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Thirsty Mermaid

I had heard voices talking about the new place on Fleming across from Fausto's. We made an excuse to check it out, lunch with a friend, and we found a dining room in the modern light and airy style.

The view is not of ocean or beach but this part of Old Town looks good, picket fences, plans and one hopes blue skies.

This is a seafood joint primarily and they push the nautical theme though a poached pear and cheese sandwich caught my eye - not a menu item you see every day! So we tried the long neck clams first, certainly a winner.

They do offer meat as well so don't be surprised to see a burger from time to time...

And I ordered a dish that intrigued me despite the lack of fish. A snapper sandwich might well have hit the spot but I went for the gnocchi with short rib ragĂș. The gnocchi really did taste home made, like my great aunt used to roll them all soft and sticky in your mouth.

Like I said there was a nautical motif running through the restaurant but if you look closely you will see small potted plants under the artwork.

Potted mangroves. Brilliant and therefore simple and thus effective.

One complaint I have heard was that this place is pricey. We had two appetizers two main courses and two soups and two beers between three people and the bill was more than ninety bucks plus tip. Pricey yes, but good. Good value? You decide. I thought so.