Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Big Pine Key

There was a cheerful comment I noticed a while back referring to our new home on Cudjoe to the effect that there might be new places to explore...I have been mulling that over and I am not sure that is at all the case!

These days I don't get to ride over the Niles Channel Bridge at dawn anymore as I live a few miles shy of the bridge coming from Key West. However...in the interest of keeping my Very Important Dog happy I can drive over the bridge after I pick her up to take her to her old haunts. God knows she's been through enough change lately so I like to take her to her old familiar places.

It's getting light noticeably earlier in the morning and by 6:45 it's full daylight.

Eden Pines is tucked away off Key Deer Boulevard and for some reason Cheyenne loves walking here. It's a slow drive to Highway One from here which puts an earnest commuter more than an hour from Key West so  for worker bees this serene backwater is too far to drive every day.  
 The Key Deer are doing well this year, they are everywhere plump and sleek...
 ...though some are more reluctant to face the cameras than others:
 Mirror still canals...
 ...and empty streets. Just as I like it.

I could not resist this picture of Cheyenne caught at exactly the wrong moment. Luckily she's a dog and will never know I posted her looking daft.

Walk successfully completed. Now I'm free to go home to bed. Maybe tomorrow we'll find somewhere new, but Cheyenne is a terrible creature of habit.