Thursday, January 28, 2016

Glorious Key West

I too would like to see the wires put underground but that won't ever happen. I'd like to see modern traffic lights in Key West, the ones that change rapidly in response to the weight of the traffic, so you aren't parked at a red light forever. They've done a brilliant job on North Roosevelt so I know it's possible. 
Other than those minor inconveniences Key West has been lovely lately after one set of storms and before the next. This is one of those times when you wake up an wonder who painted the world in primary colors for you. Of course there are tons of other issues going on right now. The school district has embarrassed itself with another financial scandal losing $20,000 which went -poof!- into thin air. The leaders of the district thrashed around ineffectually wringing their hands and wondering what to do before they brushed the mess under the nearest carpet. 
There is much talk of Cuba in the news as everyone waits for Congress to repeal the embargo which they won't do as Our Man in the White House has been making strides in that department without them. Everyone wants a ferry from Stock Island, from Truman Waterfront and now I'm hearing Miami is thinking about getting involved in a ferry plan.
When I took these pictures Up North was getting hosed by epic blankets of snow. Very pretty and all but I was happy to be out of it. Apparently I'm not alone as the Keys are packed with winter visitors even though it's been mostly cold and gray. I love the bright colors of winter sunshine, and I don't photoshop my pictures.
In the  housing wars city voters get to choose in a couple of months how to dispose of Peary Court. The city wants to buy the property and turn the former Navy housing into affordable housing whatever that means. Voters get to offer their opinions in March. I wonder how affordable the housing will be.
Key West - the struggle continues.