Saturday, May 3, 2014

Walking And Planning

I have been preoccupied with impending changes at home but life for Cheyenne continues as normal. She used to get anxious when we packed bags but nowadays cardboard boxes filled with the debris of ten years of life and scattered round the house don't seem to bother her much at all. We walk as always when I get back from work in the morning.

She chases scents while I think about changes to come. We probably won't visit the Ramrod Pool as often but we are only moving a few miles up the road and Cheyenne does love this spot. During the day, especially in winter, people bring their dogs. So first thing in the morning there are lots of fresh smells for my favorite Labrador.

One of the sad things about this move is that we won't miss our neighbors at all. Even my gregarious wife has failed to find any redeeming qualities among residents of our street. To live on a street for a decade and to be glad to shot of your neighbors seems wrong somehow. We already have one person we know on our new street so I can only imagine how my wife will spread that around!

We had thought about moving to Key West, a move I faced with dread as I like living in the Lower Keys, away from the crunch of urban life in the city. However I had thought my wife might like the proximity to her social life but her friend recently moved into town and she said she doesn't find it does much for her access to their friends... So we both agreed to stay out in the suburbs as it were and I am glad.

You get more home for your money, parking isn't an issue and jets aren't flying over your house to land at the airport all day long. Homes tend to be better equipped with stuff like windows that close, central air, room to store your stuff and all those modern conveniences. I find people tend to put up with a lot to live in Key West, especially Old Town, in homes with no offsets, funky designs, poor construction and amazingly high prices to buy or rent. We get central air, parking, privacy, room to store our crap and a dock, a rather bigger nicer dock than we have at our old home. Our lifestyle won't change much...

Cheyenne seems to like the new place though as you can see the changes scheduled to take place over the next few weeks don't seem to phase her much. She is useless at packing boxes too, though I'm not much better so my wife packs and I carry, or I will when we get access to the new place.

We will be sad to say good bye to our cute treehouse; we still wish Wells Fargo would have modified our mortgage but I always tell my wife it was better that we had to go through this forced sale as not everyone is asadaptable and able to cope with change as we are. And Cheyenne is along for the ride, good girl.