Friday, August 20, 2010

Eliza At Florida

Another Mid Town street on a hot August afternoon in Key West.By hot I mean mid nineties with high humidity and no breeze. For those of us in fur coats summer is a bit of a trial.For whatever reason the airport runway aims directly over this part of town, instead of out to sea.
Key West is charming but no ever said that it isn't noisy.These old cement foundations raise the house just enough hopefully to keep flods and termites out of the wooden structure. With the added advantage of being able to paint it whatever extroverted color you like. Construction work is going on all round the city. Perhaps it is easier and more affordable to get a contractor now the boom has slumped.
This Dade pine porch has caught may attention before on Eliza Street.
I am suitably warned, and cowed.
Check out this lovely home made sign. Perosnally I would find it a pleasure to keep clear of such a nicely arranged sign compared to the modern plastic red and black horrors that are scattered around this lovely city.
A palm tree, a Bahama shutter, a lemon colored cottage.
Cheyenne on the trail of something foul in front of this eyebrow house. The overhanging roof was designed to allow upper windows to remain open during inclement weather but the roof overhang had the unfortunate effect of keeping in the heat.
Green and blue, Key West colors.
Also, as we have already seen, yellow is popular. My home is painted two shades of gray on the outside, which is rather lower key.
This palm is fake. Perhaps it was place doutdoors as it had served it's purpose.
Well, it was rather mangy. And on that note we end. One more block of one more typical Key West street.